Friday, April 4, 2008

Eating and Fellowshiping

The Masters Plan for Fathers Conference

In a culture that's rewritten the meaning of manhood and fatherhood, there has been a army of men rising up to restore the Biblical principles and practices of these vital roles. We've gathered a group of men in Wake Forest, NC to profile Godly fathers in Scripture. The only way that we can get a crystal clear view of fatherhood is by looking closely into the Word of God at the men who lived as faithful examples. The goal of this conference is to practically train men, to provide a small and personal environment, and to exalt the Word of God as we take a close look into the lives of these Godly men in Scripture.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Child Training Principles and Practices, Steve Breagy

Steve Breagy, an elder of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, NC gave a powerful speech on child principles and practices. He covered a wide range of topics that would help practically equip fathers for the training of their children.

I'm sorry there isn't more on this message. Blogging, editing video, making power points, and taking notes is the ultimate multi-tasking challenge.

The Divine Wisdom of Husbandry and Fatherhood, Jason Dohm

In this message, Jason Dohm, preached on the importance of Husbandry and Fatherhood. He spoke about the roles of a Godly father and husband that play a vital role in the future generations. We've been flooded by the patterns of our culture in so many ways. This is why it is important to look from the Scripture into the culture, rather than looking at the culture into the Scriptures.

The Bibles says to be fruitful and multiply, but the culture would say to have one or two children and then enjoy your life. The Bible says to train up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, but the culture says to send them off and let them prove themselves in this world. God has greater spiritual blessings in store for our families if we would follow his masterful plan as revealed in Scripture.

It is the husbands and wives role to partner together for the training of the next generation. He said:

"Marriage and fatherhood are about the proclamation of the glorious gospel of Christ."

Our goals need to be focused on the glorious plan of Scripture that's been clearly laid out for us. This is the divine wisdom of husbandry and fatherhood.

Thy Word Have I Hid in my Heart - A Workshop on Scripture Memory, Scott Brown

This morning, Scott Brown gave a wonderful message on the memorization of Scripture followed by leading the group of men in memorizing a section of Deuteronomy 6. It was a wonderful experience to see these men recite the Word of God.

Lot - Profile of a Worldly Father, Scott Brown

Scott Brown began the day by giving a passionate message against our syncretistic mentalities with the culture. Lot failed in his duties as priest, protector, provider of his family. In just the same way, there are fathers in our culture that are failing daily to protect their children.

He specifically spoke about a fathers duties to protect his daughters. We can clearly see the damaging affects of a father (Lot) that didn't protect his daughters. We need to be more worried about the protection of our children than being synchronized with the culture. God will bring fathers into account for their lack of protection. Fathers need to be on the alert for the enemy that lurks to destroy the souls of their children.

The Expository Reading of Scripture, Scott Brown

In this message, Scott Brown, communicated the importance of the expository reading of Scripture. This sermon was a challenge to men for the discipleship of their families in the reading of the Word of God. He gave the three thousand hour challenge. He asked if the men would be willing to spend three thousand hours reading the Scriptures to their families, between the time their children are young and the time they are grown.

We are so often characterized by deadpan reading and communicating of the Word of God.
Do we speak Scripture with all the delight and character that God intended it? He said:

"Reading forms the affections. We should be filling our home life with affection for reading.”

He finished the message by confronting fathers with this:

"Every man has enough time to do whatever he wants to do.
The 3000 hour challenge is before us. Will you take it?"